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Drug Store
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Siming Drug Store

Companies of China Old and Famous Brands

  1.Head Office: 22, Xianxue Street

  2.Tesco Store: Tianyi Square

  3.Xinya Sotre:312-314, Renmin Road

  4.Ningbo Store:140, Zhongshan Road (E.)

  5.Zhongshan Store: 99, Zhongshan Road (E.)

  6.Lianfeng Store: 161, Lianfeng Road

Nep-Star Drug Store

National chain

  1.Yanwu Store: 1, Yanwu Street

  2.Kongpu Store: 116, DAqing Road (N.)

  3.New Store:797, Canghai Road

  4.Xinzhi Store: 63, Xinzhi Road

  5.Taifu Square Store: 536, JIngjia Road

  6.Lianfeng Store: 129, Lianfeng Road

  7.Myuan Store:275, Liuting Street

  8.Fanjing Store: 134, Fanjiangan Road

Happy man Pharmacy Store

National chain

Jiangdong Store: 106, Yonggang Road (N.), Jiangdong District

Haishu Store: 219, south section of Huangchen Road (W.)

Rainbow Drug Store

a large retail chain medicine company in Ningbo

  1.Wangyi Store: 113, Wangyi Road

  2.Siyanqi Store: Around Siyanqi Street

  3.Xingning Store: Around Xingning Road

  4.Kaiming multiple Store: 2-4, Daliang Street

LBX Pharmacy

1.Ningbo Store: 17, Jiefang Road

2.Lianfeng Store:33, Lianfeng Road

3.Zhongshan Road (E.) Store:605-607, Zhongshan Road (E.)

4.Xiaowen Store: 102, Xiaowen Street, Haishu District

5.Xingning Road Store: 80, Xingning Road

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