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Relics of Coastal Defense Works Zhenhaikou (Sea Access of Zhenhai)
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Situated in the middle of China’s coastline and the gateway of Yongjiang River, Zhenhai is a transport pivot reaching Shandong in the north, Fujian and Guangdong in the south, and Suzhou and Hangzhou by going along the Yongjiang River. Zhenhai boasts a favourable geographical condition and has always been a busy port and a center for businesses. A couplet on the pillars of the Banshan Pavillion of the Zhaobao Hill reads:Numerous boats on the river carrying goods to and from foreign land,  the mount called Zhaobao standing by as loyal guard is well known in China. The couplet well testifies the busy marine transport at the sea access of Zhenhai. For its unique location, Zhenhai has been an important strategic place for coastal defense.  It has been known from ancient times as "Hai Tian Xiong Zhen"("grand town facing the sea") and "Zhe Dong Men Hu" ("gateway to east Zhejiang ").

Zhenhai used to be a battlefield with numerous coast defense works which witnessed the heroic and soul-stirring struggles of the patriots in their resistance against the foreign pirates and invaders. Now the Site of Coastal Defense Works has become an important place for patriotic education.

According to historical records, Zhenhai has weathered 46 times of warfare since the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Fights against foreign forces since the mid-Ming Dynasty left touching stories of heroes and precious costal defense sites. In November of 1996, the State Council announced these over 30 costal defense sites scattering within 2 square kilometers around Zhenhaikou as National Cultural Heritage and National Socialist Education Base for the Youth.

In the north of Zhenhai Port, there are important heritage spots left by people’s resistance against Japanese pirates in Zhejiang province in the Ming Dynasty, namely Weiyuan Town, the city of Moon, Anyuan Battery, Location of Martyrdom, the steles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Houhaitang Relics. The Houhaitang Relics indicate the combination of seawall and city wall which can fend off the sea tides as well as marine invaders. The city wall was made up of bulk flagstones magnificently winding for thousands of meters. In the south of Zhenhai Port, there are such scenic spots as Tuwang Platform at the top of Mount Golden Rooster, Jingyuan Battery, Hongyuan Battery, and Camps & Ramparts of Qi’s. The relics of Coastal defense works of such intensity are very rare in the whole country. They are historic monuments built up with the flesh and blood of our forefathers, simultaneously recording the countless crimes committed by the foreign invaders. In addition to the above mentioned sites, there are also inscriptions made by military and political officials of different historical periods, the locations of martyrdom, the landing positions of foreign invading armies and cultural relics like weapons and other historical materials documents.

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