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Ningbo Xiao Baihua Yue Opera Troupe
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Ningbo Xiao Baihua Yue Opera Troupe, one of the few well-known Yue opera troupes in the country, is a blossom in the garden of traditional Chinese operas. The troupe teems with young and talented actors who received professional training and have good artistic attainment and knowledge.

Over the last seven years since its establishment, with caring from veteran artists and through constant practice, the budding performers of past has grown into shining actresses. They have inherited different schools of performance and swept the country with their beauty and artistic varieties. They put on many performances in Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shanghai and nearby cities. They even traveled to Hongkong. Everywhere they go, they are warmly applauded by the audience.

The troupe staged altogether 23 major operas and 33 performances, 2 Yue opera TV serials. The annual number of operas staged averages 3.3 for major operas and 4.7 for performances (excluding restaged operas with identical names). The booming operas may be divided into following three categories:

1. Duplications and imitations of fine traditional operas include "Five Daughters Celebrating Their Father's Birthday", "Questioning the Husband", "Meng Lijun", "The Tale of Li Wa", "Three Visits to the Princess", "Blood-stained Fingerprint", "Gentleman Among Flowers", " A Tale of West Chamber", "A Tale of Decorated Chamber", "Dowager Wen of Han Dynasty". The performances include "Da Jinzhi", "Breakaway from Marriage Bond", "Lady Dusiniang", "Mourning the Temple", " Fish Chasing", "The Prodigal", "Prince of Desert", "He Wenxiu", "Visiting the Lover".

2. Operas developed and based on fine traditional ones include "The Dream of Red Mansion", "China's Romeo and Juliet", "Jade Hairpin", "Qin Xianglian", "Jade Dragonfly", "Fish in the whites" (formerly named "Fish Chasing"). Performances include "Trip to Town", "Modest Banquet", "Execution Ground", "Parting the Queen Mother", "Wife Killer" "Snow-covered Street", "Shuang Xia Shan", and "Day Dream".

3. New operas innovated and created by the troupe itself include "King Zhen of Zhou and Wu Dynasty", "Zhao Fu Ma", "Nectar ". "Gold and Jade Love", "Meng Jiang Nu", "Female Constable in South China", "Beauty". Another two opera TV serials adopted from stage dramas are "Three Attempts at Assassination of Empress", "Meng Jiang Nu". Others include numerous minor performances for special occasions.

While emphasizing creation of new operas, the troupe produced a batch of outstanding young performers including Bai yinfei, Zhao Haiyin, Zhang Xiaojun, Yang Huiyue, Xie Jinlian, Ding Mingxian, Yang Weiwen, Zhang Zhihong, Dang Kangli and Zhen Chunfang, who have come out with flying colors in various performance competitions. The nation awards include 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at China Xiao Baihua Yu Opera Festival in 1994, 1 first prize in Rifa Cup Grand Prix for young Yu opera actors sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 2 nominees and 1 fist prize at Chaoda Cup Grand Prix for young Yue Opera actors in 1993. Provincial awards include 2 awards for excellent performance and 6 awards for excellent production, 6 individual awards (lighting, costume and music accompaniment), 1 gardener award, 9 excellence awards, 7 awards for excellent actor and 1 "Gold Art Award ". Municipal awards include 3 awards for performance excellence, 8 awards for production excellence and 4 individual awards (lighting, costume, make-up, music accompaniment), 13 awards for excellent actor at the municipal opera festival. Other awards include 13 personal awards, 8 first place awards, 2 second place awards and 3 third place awards.

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