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History of Ningbo Bang (Ningbo Merchants): Epilogue
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Epilogue Carrying Forward the Spirit
East or West, Ningbo Jiangxia is the best.
   ——A folk song of Ningbo

Two hundred years is but a snap of fingers. However, it has witnessed the creation of a splendid history. Behind the migration of millions of businessmen is the vivid ecology of generations of Ningbonese with the ambition of achieving self-cultivation, family harmony, state administration and world peace. Remaining calm but high-spirited in times of crisis, they have finally had their dreams come true, gradually nurturing the typical spirit of Ningbo Bang featured by profundity and magnanimity. This spirit, if properly inherited and carried forward, will surely become the sinews of all Ningbo people, stimulating them to forge ahead against adversaries and also serve as a cornerstone for the implementation of the scientific outlook on development in Ningbo.

How majestic the Ningbo Bang are, pioneering foreign lands and rendering service to repay the motherland;
How proud the people of Ningbo are, producing galaxies of heroes and talents all along the Chinese history.

Ten Ningbo Businessmen of the Year 
The selection of “Ten Businessmen of the Year” was started in 2006, aiming at promoting the rapid and healthy development of Ningbo’s economy and the cultivation of a harmonious environment for it. Jointly sponsored by Ningbo Economy Committee and the Ningbo Industrial Association Guiding Office, it abides by four fundamental standards, namely, responsibility, innovation, driving force, and influence, and awards excellent entrepreneurs of the year. Three years after its inception, the activity has expanded in influence and become an annual grand event for entrepreneurs in Ningbo.

The World China Ningbo General Chamber of Commerce
The World China Ningbo General Chamber of Commerce was set up in Hong Kong on February 4th, 2008. It takes Hong Kong as its headquarters and Shanghai and Ningbo as its bases, with Ningbo-based enterprises as members. The chamber aimed to set up a global communication platform, and assemble talented business people, capital and information resources for the economic prosperity of China, and Ningbo in particular. Tung Chee Hwa and Sir Run Run Shaw serve as its honorable sponsors and Chow Yei Ching its first president.



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