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Loumaoji Sauce Shop
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Founded in 1743, Loumaoji was named “Lou Heng Sheng Mao Ji Sauce Shop”, a famous time-honored shop in Ningbo with the history of more than 264 years. It specializes in soy sauce, rice vinegar, smoked bean curd, dried bean curd, rice wine etc. It is said that the shop was owned by a couple surnamed Lou. It was at first a beancurd workshop located at Baizhang Street and then named “Loumaoji”.

Loumaoji provides a wide variety of delicacies typical of south Yangtze River Area, including pickles, sauce, vinegar, smoked bean curd, dried bean curd, and rice wine. Among them, smoked bean curd, superb in the color, and amorous in taste, is a most famous product in Ningbo, glutinous and refreshing. It is said during Kangxi Period (1662-1722), a couple surnamed Lou came to Ningbo and sold bean sprouts around Baizhang Street and Hui Street. They were kind and run the business very well. In order to expand the business scope, they opened a bean curd factory to produce and sell bean curd, bean sprout, soy chicken, smoked bean curd, dried bean curd and so on. After years of operation, the scale of Loumaoji became bigger and bigger.

In 1743, the couple got the license of selling salt through an official relative in Beijing and began selling salt and making sauce. “Lou Heng Sheng Mao Ji Sauce Shop” was opened. It even had a branch in Fenghua, Ningbo during the years when Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty reigned.

In 1956 it was turned into an entity with public ownership and with a new name called “Loumaoji Sauce Shop”. It was taken over by Ningbo Jiangdong Vegetable & Food Co., Ltd. in 1988 and was made into Ningbo Loumaoji Food Co., Ltd. 10 years later. Currently, Loumaoji food is not only sold in Ningbo and neighbor regions, but also Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, USA and Southeast Asia for products like sauce, vinegar, fermented bean curd, etc.

An old saying in Ningbo goes: if you do not have the smoked beancurd of Loumaoji, life will be meaningless no matter what you do and who you will be.  

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