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Shengyangtai Shop (for delicacies from south China)
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Founded by Magistrate Hua Shaohu in Ningbo during 1862 to 1874, Shengyangtai Shop has enjoyed over 100 years of history. The name “Shengyangtai” symbolizes prosperity and safety. Shengyangtai Shop specializes in making and selling delicacies from north and south China as well as Ningbo pastries on the spot including special ones such as crisp bean candy, sea weed biscuit, evergreen cake, scented cake, bean pudding, walnut and Fuling cake, salt peach cookie etc. Shengyangtai Shop along with Datong, Dayou, Dongshengyang was called “Four Major Shops” for delicacies from north and south China.

Equipped with both shop and kitchen, Shengyangtai Shop is famous for making and selling the pastries on the spot. Famous for fruit food from north and south China as well as Ningbo pastries, Shengyangtai Shop’s oil bread, scented cake, smoked bean curb, bean pudding, walnut and tuckahoe cake are the most special and local ones. As one of the “Four Major Shops” for delicacies from north and south China in Ningbo, Shengyangtai Shop classifies and prices the fruit food based on different quality levels, well-known for its excellent service, honest operation and chosen packaging. Shengyangtai Shop enjoys a great reputation in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and for Ningbonese in Hong Kong, Macao and overseas. Before the establishment of China, Shengyangtai Shop was in the charge of by Wang Ruixiang and closed down in 1949.

In 1950, Shengyangtai Shop was reopened by Ge Laichao in 1950 at the same place with the same brand name. Due to the public-public partnership in 1956, it was named “Drum-tower Food Shop” in 1958. In 1987, “Ningbo Shengyangtai Mall” with 6 floors was built, covering 3,500 square meters with over 200 employees. The new mall maintained traditional business teature, while actively adopted modern facilities such as computerized collection system, and became the first supermarket in Ningbo.

Ningbo Shengyangtai Mall was reconstructed in 1992, covering 7,000 square meters with central air-conditioning and two-way escalators. It sold not only candies, cigarettes, wine, dairy products, cured meat products, preserved fruits and cereal products, but also frozen foods, general merchandise, household appliances, clothes, horologes, children products, leather wares etc. It also opened Shengyangtai Cake Shop, offering pastries, traditional and western desserts in all kinds every day. It was booming day by day with remarkable economic and social benefits.

It was renamed “Shengyangtai Ningbo Delicacy Mall” in September 2001, providing local food and souvenirs. It was listed as “tourist host organization” at the same year. In order to have an original traditional management style, Shengyangtai invested to establish Shengyangtai Tourist Food Factory to regain its style of making and selling the products on the spot. At present, Shengyangtai boasts nearly 200 products in different categories such as traditional Ningbo pastries, cakes with the Chinese character tai, green series, dried seafood, Ningbo moon cakes and other cakes. Among them, Ningbo crisp bean candy and lovesick cake are “recommended tourist food in Ningbo”. Shengyangtai Tourist Food Factory was renamed “Designated Enterprise for Producing Tourist Goods in Ningbo”. Meanwhile, Shengyangtai is revitalized by capitalizing on traditional culture. It draws the attention from old Ningbonese by offering new pastries with blessing words such as Zhuangyuan (Number One Scholar) Cake, Safety Cake, The God of Wealth Cake, Propitious Cake, etc.

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