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Ningbo Medical Centre (Li Huili Hospital) 
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A modern comprehensive hospital built with donations from Mr. Li Huili, the famous entrepreneur of Hong Kong, and financed by Ningbo Municipal Government, Li Huili Hospital (Ningbo Medical Centre) provides medical care and serves as the base for teaching and scientific research.


The hospital covers a land area of 62,000 sq. m, with floor space of 45,000 sq. m. It includes 25 clinical departments and relevant ambulant and emergency clinics as well as sections related to medical technology; the hospital has 600 beds and receives some 400,000 clinical visits annually. Current staff of the hospital totals 762 members, of which 70 boast senior professional titles. The hospital owns large-scale medical equipment valued over RMB 70,000,000, such as NMR, advanced spiral CT, DSA, 800mA remote-controlled digital gastrointestinal X-ray machine, full automation biochemical analyser, colour Doppler, various rare electronic endoscopes. The wards are all fully provided with central oxygen supply, central suction, and central air conditioning. Besides, high-standard wards and hyper-clean operation rooms are in service as well.


Department of Cardio-thoracic Surgery, the key department of the hospital, is the heart surgery centre of East Zhejiang. Various heart operations like valve replacement, valve formation, coronary artery bridging, and correction of innate heart defects are being performed. In end 1999, the first homogeneous heart transplantation operation was successfully carried out. Department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine specializes in various diagnosis and treatment such as heart interposition therapy, heart pacemaker plantation, heart RF ablation, selective coronary artery invavenous pyeloinvavenous pyelo bracket plantation, valve saccule expansion. Other departments include Department of E.N.T, Department of Urological Surgery, Department of Neural Medicine, Department of Neural Surgery, Department of Orthopaedics, and Department of Gynaecology, all with unique characteristics.


The hospital attaches great importance to medical treatment quality management and work ethic establishment, and has been cited as a model hospital of Zhejiang Province in medical treatment quality management. In 1998, it was designated as the affiliated hospital of the Medical Institute of Ningbo University.


Add.: 57 Xingning Road, Ningbo

Postcode: 315010

Tel.: 87018701

Fax: 0574-87392232

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