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Silk Road via Sea
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In the 1960s, some Japanese scholars raised the concept of the Silk Road via Sea. For, whether by sea or land, the Silk Road refers to the broader concept engaging in communication between the East and the West as in ancient times. Today, many research institutes, museums and memorials have mushroomed along the sea routes of related countries or cities, and a number of well-organized activities have been held. Among the 102 historical and cultural cities in China, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Ningbo are most famous for their deep involvement in the silk trade via sea.

Ningbo's involvement with the Silk Road via Sea since ancient times has been evidenced. Artifacts from the Hemudu Culture site prove that the locals were quite active as navigators!

It is especially noteworthy that after the Tang and Song dynasties Ningbo became a key port for the exporting of chinaware, making itself as famous as Guangzhou, Yangzhou and Jiaozhou.

History has also recorded the communication between Ningbo and Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia in past centuries.

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