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Community waxberry festival is held to bring neighbors closer
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On June 18, the 2nd Daqi Subdistrict waxberry festival kicked off in Beilun Qingtai Community. Various activities such as “The King of Waxberry” competition and family picking presented residents and tourists with an event that can be seen, enjoyed and experienced.

Qingtai community invited 20 families to join the waxberry feast and organized a series of games such as waxberry eating contest and prize competition, bringing neighbors closer and joy.

At the scene, more than ten representatives of farmers from the economic cooperatives of Hengshan, Jinjia and Paimen took their own high-quality waxberry and participated in the “King of Waxberry” competition. Finally, the waxberry presented by Gu Xiaogang from Hengshan Economic Cooperative won the competition. It is learned that he has won the competition for two consecutive years.

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