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Hemudu culturally raises its profile again
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Hemudu National Archaeological Site Park has made new progress! From the day before yesterday's Hemudu cultural protection symposium was informed that the city has been in June 15 to the provincial cultural relic bureau submitted the national archaeological site park project declaration materials. The project of the start-up area of the site park is to be included in the provincial key construction project, which is expected to start construction at the end of the year.

Promoting Hemudu culture requires amplification

Direction Ming, director of the Zhejiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, said, "The Hemudu culture site group is remarkable, and this area now has two active archaeological excavation sites, one is the Jingtoushan site and one is the Jiang Qiaotou site, which are very significant in the province's archaeological community. This fully reflects the current efforts, confidence and goals of the cultural heritage departments and cultural heritage and archaeological research units at both levels in Ningbo and Yuyao to protect and pass on cultural heritage."

From the day before yesterday, the site of Jingtoushan officially entered the second phase of archaeological excavation. In order to better display and make good use of the Jingtoushan site and cultural relics, and to provide venue conditions for the next academic research, the city will plan the construction of the Jingtoushan site exhibition hall, while considering the permanent retention of the second phase of the foundation pit, the construction of the Bechuan site site display site, the overall investment estimate of about 100 million yuan.

At present, the pace of declaration and construction of the Hemudu National Archaeological Site Park is accelerating, and the city is strengthening its contact with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, so that the National Archaeological Site Park can enter the list of projects this year.

At the same time, the city is pushing ahead with the construction and implementation of a 10-function Hemudu Archaeological Site Park, which has 10 major functions, including the display of settlement forms that simulate dry bar architecture and the display of ancient and modern natural environments, mainly in ecological connotation areas, to create a multidimensional historical space tour pattern.

In addition, the relocation project of the Hemudu Museum will also be implemented. On the basis of the existing Hemudu Site Museum, a large comprehensive museum of coastal culture and environment in Holocene China will be built, with the entire "Ancient Ningbo Bay" as the heritage distribution space and the entire Neolithic period as the complete sequence. The museum will have core functions such as a digital display, temporary display and thematic exhibition halls, cultural relics storage, archaeological laboratories, scientific and technological conservation workshops, academic lecture halls, etc.

At present, the preliminary project research has been launched, and the next step will be to accelerate the site selection, project development and other preliminary work.

The construction of the first phase to start at the end of the year

According to Yang Yuhong, the city has started to survey Hemudu culture in the core area, integrate the culture and tourism, and conduct other works to construct a Hemudu National Archaeological Site Park.

The construction of the site park is in the preliminary stage. In accordance with the latest land planning adjustments, more than 200 mu has been reserved for the construction of the Hemudu Museum and about 70 mu for the dotted distribution of the site park.

The first phase of the construction program is expected to start at the end of the year. Scene simulation and open-air exhibition facilities, manageent areas for supporting construction, park management facilities and related ancillary work will be included in the first phase which plans to build nine blocks: the display area of the distribution of relics, the display area of ancient geography climate, and the display area of marsh landscape.

In order to make the cultural relics into life and into service, and to promote the integration of culture and tourism, works will be done to hold Hemudu Cultural Tourism Festival and to plan the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Hemudu site in 2023.

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