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Multiple channels help Cixi waxberry farmers promote sales and increase income
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Recently, a unique live promotion event was held, during which a college student and agricultural maker Qi Junyang walked into the webcast room to “endorse” for his hometown waxberry, helping farmers earn more than RMB 200,000.

Qi Junyang is already familiar with the waxberry promotion process in the webcast room. In 2020, the share economic cooperatives of the villages of Changlong, Qianbing and Gangdun join hands with the agricultural service center of Kuangyan Town to set up Cixi Yishan Cultural Tourism Company. As a young representative of local waxberry cultivators, Qi Junyang is elected to be the head of the company’s agricultural products division. “In recent years, we have helped our farmers broaden the network sales channels of waxberry. At the same time, we extend the waxberry industry chain, build a large cold storage, and process the waxberries that are not easy to store into waxberry drinks, fruit wines, dried waxberries, etc., which are sold to all over the country through the e-commerce platform.” Qi Junyang says.

In Cixi, there are many young people who promote the sales of waxberry on the “cloud”. These days, as the local waxberries enter into the peak production period, “e-commerce master” Sun Jia also meets the busiest season of the year.

Young waxberry famers go online to seek business opportunities, while experienced “old waxberry famers” are also not far behind. Recently, in order to promote high-quality waxberries, Sun Baiqiao, the head of Cixi Xiazhihong High-quality Waxberry farm, has become familiar at the local waxberry fair. “In this year’s waxberry season, the agricultural and rural departments of Cixi are actively connecting with e-commerce logistics companies and planning to launch a series of waxberry exhibition and sales activities.” Sun Baiqiao says. Activities such as waxberry tasting and waxberry tournaments have helped farmers broaden their sales channels. This year, their cooperative has sold more than 6,000 kilograms of waxberries, and their income is expected to exceed that of last year.

Cixi waxberry farmers take advantage of time difference to extend the production and sales cycle of waxberry. In recent years, Cixi waxberry farmers try greenhouse cultivation and introduce “Zhoushan late rice”, “Crystal” and other high-quality waxberry varieties, so that waxberries would come into the market on a staggered peak.

With the help of Cixi Agricultural Cooperative Union Waxberry Industry Branch, some farmers introduced “Fujian special early waxberry” the year before, which comes into the market more than a month earlier than the water chestnuts species cultivated in the open air. 

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