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“Huizhou" tour of the south-eastern Zhejiang cultural tourism business bazaar, encounter with Ningbo Nantang Old Street
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The immersive experience of Shanghai-style Song Yun, the promotion and display of characteristic tourism products in southeastern Zhejiang, the martial arts performance of Xiangshan Film and Television City, and the live broadcast of Internet celebrities... On the evening of June 17, in order to further enrich the nighttime cultural tourism experience and lead the new nighttime cultural tourism consumption Trend, "Benefits" Tour of Southeast Zhejiang Culture, Tourism and Business Market was launched in Nantang Old Street, Ningbo, offering citizens a tour of "Southeast Zhejiang, Drunken Beauty Mountains and Seas".


The Southeast Zhejiang Tourism Consortium is jointly initiated by the cultural and tourism departments of the five cities of Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Zhoushan and Taizhou, and consists of five cities' related key scenic spots and travel agencies. Since its establishment in 2004, after nearly 20 years of continuous promotion, the tourism brand of "Delicious Mountains and Seas" in southeastern Zhejiang has demonstrated huge regional, economic and social effects and has become a well-known "golden tourist route" nationwide.


Ningbo, which has the temperament of a coastal metropolis, Taizhou, which attracts the longing of poets, Wenzhou, which has the business opportunities of warm mountains and waters, Zhoushan, which exudes a splendid Fohai culture, and Shaoxing, which has a profound humanistic charm... The cultural tourism resources of the member units of the Southeastern Zhejiang Association The display is unforgettable. Ningbo’s local tourism e-commerce platforms have launched special cultural and tourism product lines, including Xikou Scenic Area, Tianyi Pavilion and Yuehu Scenic Area, Yandang Mountain, Xianju Scenic Area, Poetic Xinchang, Putuo Mountain, as well as special resort hotels, homestays and other freedoms Travel and micro-vacation products are selling well, unlocking different new cultural and tourism experiences and new gameplay for everyone.

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