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People in Ningbo experience a quick package delivery during this year’s shopping festival
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This year’s 6·18 shopping festival came to an end. According to the statistics from Ningbo Municipal Postal Administration, from June 1 to June 19, the city’s express delivery business handled 148 million pieces, a year-on-year increase of 3%. And from June 10 to June 19, the city’s express delivery volume reached 37.05 million pieces, a year-on-year increase of 14.2%.

“I feel not particularly busy this year.”

At noon yesterday, Mr. Hou received the last package of this shopping festival. “This year I buy commodities in JD, Taobao and Douyin, and receive more than 10 parcels. I buy a little too much.” Mr. Hou said with a smile. Because most of the pieces were delivered by SF and JD Express, He felt the quick delivery speed and basically received parcels within a day or two days.

Mr. Wang, who delivered the parcel for Mr. Hou, works for ZTO Express. This is also the 4th time he has delivered the parcel of shopping festival. “The two busiest days have passed, and there is a delivery peak on June 1 and 2. Because the shopping festival has been extended, I feel that this year is not particularly busy. Today’s delivery volume is only about a hundred pieces, and at most there are three or four hundred pieces, an increase of 20% compared to usual days.” said Mr. Wang. After several years of training for Double 11 and 6·18 shopping festival, their ability to withstand pressure has been enhanced a lot, and their work efficiency has also increased.

The fastest 8 minutes to complete the distribution transfer

In addition to the delivery side, the efficient operation of the courier company's distribution and transfer links.

At 7pm on June 19, we went to Fengtai Industrial Park in Gulin Town, Haishu District, where the SF Express Ningbo Distribution Centre is located. That night, more than 10 automatic sorting lines in the distribution centre were in full swing, with machines and humans working together to sort packages from all over the world.

Wang Liang, the relevant person in charge, introduced that during the 6-18 period this year, the average daily volume of pieces handled at the centre was 700,000 tickets, with the peak on June 16, when the volume was 730,000 tickets, a 10% increase over the same period last year. "The automated assembly line basically operates 24 hours a day, and the average time for express mail to flow in the field is 15 minutes, with the fastest batch of pieces completing distribution and transfer in eight minutes." Wang Liang said that the increase in the volume of orders this year was relatively smooth and they also allocated sufficient manpower, so they were more relaxed throughout the 6-18 period.

In addition, it was also seen at the site that there were extermination devices to match from the trucks carrying the pieces into the gate park, to the flow of parcel pieces on the assembly line. "When the volume of express mail is high, the prevention of epidemics is even more of a priority. In the field we have three disinfection devices, and at peak times we add manual spraying of disinfection water." Wang Liang said.

Growth rate still tops province

According to data from the city's Postal Administration, on June 18, the city's express business handled 8.847 million pieces, about 1.4 times the daily average; on the 19th, the city's express business handled continued its upward trend, reaching 8.99 million pieces.

It is worth mentioning that not only during the 6-18, from January to May this year, the city's express business volume (collection volume) reached 576 million pieces, a growth rate of 12.1%, still maintaining the growth rate of the province's first bright achievement.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Postal Administration: "Since the end of last year, the city's postal express industry has followed the city's industrial development, embedded in Ningbo stationery, moulds, small household appliances, auto parts, clothing and FMCG products and other Ningbo advantageous market, growing supply chain services, the establishment of supply chain platform, to achieve a win-win situation to tap the market and help the industry. During this 6-18 period, the city's express industry has made preparations for the docking in advance to ensure that while the business volume grows, there is still efficient collection and distribution efficiency, allowing consumers and enterprises to have a good experience of sending and receiving items."

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