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Paper-related Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall opens
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After more than a year of preparation, on July 3, the “Paper-related Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall” of the Cultural Center for Ancient Paper Making Technique of Tang’ao Village, Xiaowangmiao Street of Fenghua District was officially completed and opened to the public, comprehensively displaying the history and technological process of the ancient paper making techniques in Tang’ao Village. Meanwhile, the “Paper-related Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall” organized the experience activities, so that citizens and tourists can more intuitively understand the production process of the ancient paper making techniques, and enrich and inherit the cultural connotation of the provincial intangible cultural heritage item of “Tang’ao paper”.

At the hall, a variety of paper-making tools, old-fashioned letters and ancient books recording historical materials are displayed, and the detailed procedures of ancient paper-making techniques are hung on the wall. According to Yuan Jianzeng, the provincial inheritor of intangible cultural heritage and the second-generation inheritor of ancient paper making technique, “the ‘Paper-related Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall’ not only displays the history of papermaking, but also attracts young people to participate in the inheritance of ancient papermaking techniques.”

Reportedly, upon completion, the intangible cultural heritage hall will serve as the social practice base during the summer vacation for the students from the College of Teacher Education of Ningbo University. “We usually see intangible cultural heritage items through TV and news, but only when we really come to the living environment of intangible cultural heritage can we understand why intangible cultural heritage can pass down in the thousands of years of history.” said Wang Liheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Teacher Education of Ningbo University.

According to Yuan Jianzeng, to attract more young people to study and inherit the ancient papermaking techniques, the “Tang’ao paper” item has developed such new cultural creative products as paper fans, paper desk lamps and paper albums of paintings, and it is now actively preparing for the first material packaging competition for intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo. 

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