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Opening ceremony of 2022 Fenghua Honey Peach Cultural Festival held
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With the new song of “in the place where peach blossoms are in full bloom”, the opening ceremony of the honey peach fair for the 2022 Fenghua Honey Peach Cultural Festival was held at Xikou Town of Fenghua District on July 3.

The launching of the “Taohuawu” brand is a highlight of this year’s honey peach fair. According to a related person in charge of the large-scale event office of Fenghua District, by carrying out technological innovation, achievement transformation and resource docking related to the peach industry, the district has combined the “Taohuawu” brand and the “creative entrepreneurship center for the whole industrial chain” platform, and the integrated development mode and promotion path of primary, secondary and tertiary industries suitable for Fenghua honey peach have been explored, so as to improve the brand of Fenghua District and inject new impetus into regional economic development.

At the opening ceremony, a dozen of special vehicles for Fenghua honey peaches drove into the fields to help peach farmers complete such one-stop services as sorting, packaging and delivery. According to a person in charge from Fenghua District Agricultural and Commercial Group, this year, the group will cooperate with the postal departments to set up 32 supply and marketing postal service points in the main planting bases and specialized honey peach villages, so that peach farmers can make the delivery on site. Meanwhile, the group now has four specialized cold chain buses and 36 pick-up trucks to take charge of the connection and transportation, and has opened 31 special honey peach lines for postal flights, so as to realize the “delivery of honey peach in Ningbo within a day, delivery to surrounding cities in the province within two days, and delivery to remote cities outside the province within three days”, and open up the “last kilometer” to help and benefit honey peach farmers.

The honey peach of Fenghua District is one of the four traditional famous peach varieties in China, with a total cultivated area of about 53,000 mu and a production area of over 40,000 mu. Last year, the output of honey peach in Fenghua District exceeded 50,000 tons, and the total sales output value exceeded 500 million yuan. It is the largest “income source” for farmers in Fenghua District and a dazzling “golden name card” for agricultural products in Ningbo.

According to Chen Miaojin, head of Fenghua District Honey Peach Research Institute, the planting area of Fenghua honey peach has decreased due to the campaign of “turning forests into fields”. However, because of no strong wind and heavy rain in this plum rain season, the total output of peaches has increased instead, with an expected increase of 20% over last year. “At present, the main variety of Lake-view Honeydew has been put into sales. By mid to late July, some late maturing varieties will also be ready for sales.” said Chen Miaojin. Thanks to the awesome weather and various favorable factors such as market supply, the Fenghua honey peaches not only taste sweeter this year, but also have a much better sales situation than in previous years. It is estimated that the price of peaches will rise a little next year, and the income of peach farmers will also increase.

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