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Old-style military summer camp started for primary school students
2022-07-06 20:41 Text Size: A A A

With their helmet, armor, and flag, the students stepped on the Hua’ao Island of Xiangshan County to have an “encounter” with the ancient national hero Zhang Cangshui. On July 4, 34 students of Xiaowangmiao Primary School of Fenghua District started their military summer camp activity at the “loach tribe camp” base on the Hua’ao Island.

Reportedly, this is the first “old-style military summer camp” in Ningbo. Every “soldier” needs to learn how to build barracks at the base, learn the tenacious spirit of the famous General Zhang Cangshui, master the use of all kinds of cold weapons, and complete the arduous task of raiding the enemy barracks, before he can become a strong and independent “general” who is brave and good at fighting despite of great difficulties.

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