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High-end talents gather in Ningbo
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About 350 young PHDs from over 60 colleges and universities will directly dock with 160 enterprises inside and outside Ningbo in need of high-end talents, and will be recruited to solve the problems puzzling those enterprises. According to the information from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the 2022 Ningbo supply and demand matchmaking conference for post doctoral talents will be held from July 7 to July 8, jointly hosted by Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Yinzhou District People’s Government of Ningbo.

Reportedly, the activity will focus on improving work performance of the post doctoral talents, with the theme of “innovation carrier, precise docking, digital empowerment, and problem solving”. To address the needs of the scientific and technological research and development and technological research, the conference will invite persons in charge of the related doctoral management offices or mobile post-doctoral stations, and PHDs or post-doctoral talents from domestic and foreign universities and institutes to Ningbo for face-to-face communication and in-depth docking on the site, so as to attract more doctors to stay in Ningbo, thus providing strong talent support for the high-quality development of the city.

According to the organizing staff, the supply and demand matchmaking conference will last for two days, and the number of participants is expected to exceed 600, with the scale exceeding that of last year. At present, the persons in charge of the related doctoral management offices or mobile post-doctoral stations of over 20 colleges or universities have accepted the invitation, as well as about 350 young doctoral or postdoctoral talents from over 60 colleges or universities. The directors of human resources and social security bureaus in cities across the province and districts (or counties) of Ningbo, as well as about 160 post-doctoral stations, will attend the conference.

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