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Make Ningbo’s story better known with celebrities archives
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Not long ago, the city's first memorial museum for a Yueju opera celebrity- Bi Chunfang Art Museum was completed and opened. The art museum was built by the Yinzhou District Archives, Dongjiao Street and other units at Bi Chunfang hometown’s - Qiubi Community, Dongjiao street, Yinzhou District within nearly two years.

There museum features one pavilion (Bi Chunfang Art Pavilion), one hall (rehearsal hall), one space (video & picture space), one gallery (Qiubi history corridor), and one park (outdoor terrace). Based on five display sections, there builds a complete dynamic line leading visitors into Bi’s hometown and the art of Yueju opera, which not only showcases Bi’s art life but carries forward the spirit of Bi style and Yueju opera. 

The archives of celebrities are a record of people, events and times. They preserved a kind of memory and spirit. Yinzhou District Archives has filed away more than 300 volumes of revolutionary martyrs, celebrities, calligraphers, painters and other famous historical figures who are Yinzhou locals or ever worked in this district, including Qian Sule, Zhou Yao, Tong Di Zhou, Zhu Jing I, Sha Wenhan, Chen Xiuliang, Sha Wenqiu, Sha Jie, Yu Fangbai, and Yu Feng.

The formative experience of celebrities is of relevance not only at historical level, but also at spiritual level in that it motivates earthlings to forge ahead. Its establishment allows descendants to trace back the history and inherit the spirit through these archives. It is introduced that Ningbo Municipal Archives started to establish celebrities archives since 1990, and the Management Measures of Ningbo Celebrities Archives released in 2013 strengthened and perfected the management the archives. The Ningbo Celebrities Archives has now collected more than 200 celebrities’ materials, including their manuscripts, letters, reports, photos, certificates, badges, videos and so on.

To make archives better tell the story of Ningbo, authorities not only supported the establishment of celebrity museum, but compiled books and held exhibitions based on the archives so as to make full use of celebrities’ charm and promote mainstream values.

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