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The Container Throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Has Exceeded 3 Million TEUs for 4 Consecutive Months
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In July, Ningbo Zhoushan Port is expected to complete a container throughput of more than 3.2 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and exceeded 3 million TEUs for four consecutive months. The container transportation production shows strong resilience and vitality.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port will strengthen the two-way hub function, strengthen the development engine, and comprehensively promote the stable and improved quality of transportation production. As an important hub for the import and export of goods around the world, Ningbo Zhoushan Port takes the initiative to strengthen cooperation with government departments, shipping companies, logistics companies and other parties, weaves tight container routes and sea-rail intermodal transport networks, and gives full play to sea-rail, sea-river, river-sea multimodality Combining advantages of combined transportation, we continuously improve the supply of transportation capacity in the two-way sea and land channels.

In July, the total number of container routes in Ningbo Zhoushan Port rose to 301, a new record high. The "Xuancheng-Ningbo Zhoushan Port" sea-rail intermodal train was successfully opened for the first time, and the number of sea-rail intermodal trains in the whole port increased to 22. It is expected to complete the sea-rail intermodal business volume of 125,000 TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 25.9%. In addition, the branch lines in Hong Kong continued to maintain a good momentum of development, and many branch lines such as Wenzhou and Taizhou achieved double-digit growth in foreign trade export heavy containers.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port will improve the security level, and comprehensively promote the stability and efficiency of transportation production. Ningbo Zhoushan Port has made full use of its port infrastructure construction, giving full play to the operational potential of new berths in Meishan, Jintang and other port areas, optimizing the overall layout of the port’s routes, and using “hard support” to ease the pressure on ships waiting in the port. The waiting time for berthing is kept at a good level.

At the same time, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has implemented 18 measures to ensure smooth flow and optimize the port's collection and distribution capacity with "soft services". On the one hand, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has strengthened the organization of port transportation and production by coordinating domestic and foreign trade operations and terminal berth resources, and carrying out economical speed and excellent services.

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