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The colorful autumn landscape
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The picture shows the Zhuangding Road in the autumn. (Photo by Yan Long and Feng Ye)

"The most beautiful road" Zhuangding Line is one of the main tourist roads in Longguan Township, Haishu, with a total length of 13.6 kilometers. There is the Waipailou Reservoir with rippling blue waves at the starting point, close to the Banshan Banshui Resort, and there is the vast Guanding Lake at the end point. On the way, there are many popular scenic spots such as Zhongpo Mountain Forest Park and Banshan Village Ancient Tree Group. Since the completion of the renovation and upgrading of the Zhuangding Line Highway in 2019, the integrated development of agriculture and tourism has been achieved through "one road", enabling the development of the "beautiful economy" of Longguan Township.

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