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Digital agriculture promotes rural prosperity in Ningbo
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Yesterday morning, the media tour of "Digital Empowering the Village, Visiting the Route of Common Prosperity" was launched in Ningbo. The first stop of the tour is Wandi Village, Xiaying Subdistrict, Yinzhou District, and Jin'e Area, Xiwu Subdistrict, Fenghua District, where the media visitors had a better understanding of the new look of the countryside brought by digital empowerment.

During the visit, the digital empowerment exploration in Wandi Village left a deep impression on the team. In the "Future Rural Digital Inspection Center", various data on the big screen involve all aspects of the development of the agricultural tourism industry in Wandi Village, including the price comparison of certain agricultural products last year and this year, as well as the temperature and humidity monitoring at the planting site. A variety of IoT devices can monitor plant growth, growth meteorological environment, soil moisture in real time, and remotely control air temperature, humidity, soil temperature and humidity, and soil electrolytes. These relevant information are connected to the mobile phones of relevant personnel through the platform, so that farmers can perform remote control without leaving home.

At the strawberry picking base in the glass greenhouse, the visitors learned about the operation of the early warning system for diseases and insect pests, the integrated water and fertilizer machine, and witnessed the scientific and efficient digital management of the agricultural industry. In addition, the team also visited the e-commerce live streaming base and museum block in Wandi Village. At the Yue Kiln Celadon Museum, a robot narrator showed visitors around the exhibition hall.

In the Jin'e area of Xiwu Subdistrict, the team visited the smart plant shelter, digital Jin'e cockpit, etc., where they learned more about the application of online agricultural blog and other applications, experienced the new model of rural governance, and witnessed the double improvement of rural governance efficiency and villagers' happiness.

In addition to digital production technology, digital sales methods have also become an effective means for villagers to become rich. "What we are doing now is the persimmon pendant ordered by the customer after the live streaming through the village e-commerce live streaming base. We have already made 50 by hand in one afternoon." Yang Xuenuo, the women's director of Leishan Village, informed that the fabrics used for this pendant are made of intangible cultural heritage blue printed cloth dyeing techniques.

It is reported that through the village's live e-commerce platform, Leishan Village's braised bamboo shoots, cliff honey, and blue calico printing and dyeing derivatives have all become popular online products. Chen Sihai has become a "shopping host" for agricultural products, and once set a record of selling 1,183 bottles of braised bamboo shoots in a live streaming.

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