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Xiangshan Port: the integration of culture, sports and tourism
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As one of Ningbo's five ecological coastal belts, Xiangshan Port Binhai Cultural Tourism Holiday Park starts from the administrative boundary between Fenghua District and Yinzhou District in the east, reaches Tongzhao Village, Chunhu Subdistrict, Fenghua District in the west, and goes south through Haishanglang Road to Hengshan Island, Qishan Village, Qiangjiao Town, Ninghai County, and finally ends at Luojiakeng Village and Xueao Village, with a total length of about 36 kilometers, involving 4 towns (streets) including Songao Town, Qiucun Town, Chunhu Subdistrict and Qiangjiao Town in Ninghai County.

In recent years, Ningbo Bay Tianfei Lake Water Sports Base has actively introduced various water sports brand events. At present, it has launched two featured sports IPs, "Paddleboard Camp" and "Tianfei Lake Sailing Camp", with "family sailing experience" as a brand. They feature parent-child entertainment, family travel, team building and research, and provides the public with unique attractive, dynamic and fashionable marine leisure tourism products.

Characteristic sports constantly give birth to new forms of tourism. Ningbo Bay Provincial Tourism Resort has successively attracted China Canoe Association, China Rowing Association Headquarters Base and China Canoe and China Rowing National Training Center to settle down, becoming Ningbo's first "national headquarters base" in the field of sports.

Marine culture continues to extend the tourism industry chain. In Qiangjiao Town, Ninghai County, the development of ecological coastal zone and beautiful town construction has greatly activated the vitality of coastal tourism. Qiangjiao Town has a marine biology museum and a marine ancient ship museum. In the past two years, many new homestays and fishing houses have been opened in the coastal villages of the Qiangjiao Peninsula. Many of them have become a hit on the internet and the island tour experience has become more and more abundant.

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